Beautiful blue British Shorthair cat lying on the floor. Uli is our proud stud cat.

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British Shorthair blue cat portrait photo. Our teddy-bear face stud Uli.

Our breeding passion

Firstly, we are passionate about breeding and raising the finest British Shorthair kittens for sale. We are also committed to excellence and take great pride in maintaining the highest standards of pedigree and breeding. Therefore, Owning a fluffy British Shorthair cat will make you fall in love with this breed.

In addition, our dedication to the well-being and socialization of our British Shorthair cats ensures they are luxurious and loving companions for your family.

Above all, focusing on health, temperament, and conformation, we strive to produce top-quality kittens that meet the breed standard.

Likewise, our love for the majestic British Shorthair cat drives us to provide a nurturing environment and the best care possible, resulting in happy, healthy kittens ready to bring joy to their new homes.

In conclusion, if you are looking for a lilac or blue British Shorthair for sale, you have come to the right place! Although our cattery is based in Houston, Texas, our kittens are housed across the United States of America.

You can expect quality and excellence at Blue Brits Cattery when you choose us as your British Shorthair cat breeder. We offer solid Lilac and Blue British Shorthairs for sale and the following is included with our kitten purchases:

  • High-quality kitten images
  • Spaying and Neutering
  • Microchipping
  • Friendly temperaments
  • Two year Health Guarantee
  • Raised in our home
  • Socialized and family-friendly

Our cattery specializes in LILAC and BLUE British Shorthair kittens for sale. Choosing a British Shorthair cat breeder is a crucial decision. Because of that, we take it seriously, and if you adopt a British Shorthair cat from us, you become part of our extended family.

british shorthair blue kitten to buy 6 weeks graham lifting paw

Our Standards

british shorthair kitten blue boy graham coming towards me

Champion lines

Sweet blue british Shorthair kittens for sale. Female looking at camera.

Genetic Health Testing

British Shorthair cat breeder holding a lilac British Shorthair breeding female.

About me..the breeder

It all started when I fell in love with The British Shorthair cat breed 7 years ago.

When we started looking for a new addition to our family, the British Shorthair cat immediately appealed to us. Their calm, gentle, and easygoing nature quickly won us over as we sought a low-maintenance cat.

Also, who wouldn’t want a big, soft, fluffy teddy bear to love?!

We started looking for a blue British Shorthair cat for sale, and Walden became our wonderful companion. Moreover, I became very passionate about the British Shorthair cat breed!

Our breeding program is meticulously designed to ensure each kitten’s health, temperament, and beauty. Additionally, with a focus on champion bloodlines and 24/7 care, we ensure that every kitten from Blue Brits Cattery is an exquisite companion.

Subsequently, we aim to provide support and guidance to our clients every step of the way. Equally important, we are passionate about creating lasting connections between our kittens and their new families, and we are honored to be a part of each precious kitten╩╝s journey to their forever home.

So, if you are looking for a Houston-based British Shorthair breeder, you have come to the right place. Our kittens can be found across the United States, as we offer multiple transportation options.

Please contact us if you want a LILAC or BLUE British Shorthair cat or kitten for sale.

Happy Customers

5 stars

We had a great experience working with Elize! Everything went as promised; our kitten was healthy, and she is an absolutely delightful addition to our family! We highly recommend this breeder.

five stars

Our kitten is the most lovable and funniest cat I’ve ever met! He is so patient with our toddler and loves our other animals. Elize takes the absolute best care of her kittens and ensures they’re well-socialized. We will definitely be purchasing another shortly! If you’re looking for a British Shorthair for sale, look no further!

5 stars icon

They are the best cats ever! My kitten was very calm and well-adjusted to the car and household noises. He loved being held right away!

Firstly, with its distinctive round face, dense coat, and expressive golden eyes, the British Shorthair cat exudes an air of majesty. In addition, it has captivated cat enthusiasts for decades. Furthermore, the breed’s distinctive round face and dense coat were selectively bred, giving it the iconic appearance it is known for today. British Shorthair cats are also renowned for their independence and calm, reserved nature. They are not as demanding as other breeds and, in addition, still enjoy human companionship. Understandably, they are the perfect addition to any household or family.

The British Shorthair cat is not overly vocal; it tends to be quiet and dignified. Therefore, it makes an excellent choice for individuals or families who prefer a more laid-back and independent cat. Their popularity with families definitely plays a role in the cost of British Shorthair cats because they are a versatile choice for multi-pet households.

The British Shorthair cat‘s coat is plush and crisp, giving it a teddy bear-like appearance. In addition, it requires minimal grooming, and regular brushing will minimize shedding.

In conclusion, their calm, reserved nature and charming appearance make them a delightful addition to any household. If you are considering a LILAC or BLUE British Shorthair cat for sale, look no further!

The British Shorthair Cat… at a glance
PersonalityEasygoing, calm, devoted, quiet
Life expectancy12-18 years
Weight9-20 lbs
Energy levelMedium
Affection levelHigh
Shedding levelLow-Medium
Friendliness level Medium
Required grooming levelLow
CoatShort, plush, dense
ColorsBritish Blue Cat“, lilac, and various other colors
The British Shorthair cat breed – fact table

Our British Blue kittens for sale

We are one of only a few reputable British Shorthair cat breeders specializing in breeding quality, solid British Blue kittens for sale.

We are also one of the only British Shorthair catteries offering a two-year health guarantee, which confirms our confidence in the quality and health of our blue British kittens.

The traditional British Blue cat breed will always have a special place in my heart, and our cattery strives to breed the best quality and well-socialized Blue British kittens for you to love and enjoy.

Most of our pet parents don’t realize that a British Blue cat comes in more than one shade of blue (grey). There are different shades of blue (grey), which you will notice in pictures of our British Blue kittens for sale.

Whether our British Blue kittens have a pale blue or darker blue coat, this doesn’t impact their quality in any way. Every British Blue kitten is unique and deserves the best family to love them!

Blue British Shorthair kitten for sale, Hunter blue boy
Blue British Shorthair kitten for sale – Hunter, 3 weeks old (RESERVED)

Our Lilac Shorthair kittens

Lilac British Shorthair kitten for sale, Hershey looking at camera
British Shorthair lilac kittens – Hershey, three weeks old

Lilac colored cats have recently gained a lot of popularity, and we have also fallen in love with the lilac cat color! We originally started our breeding program with only British Blue cats, but they surprisingly produced one or two lilac kittens with every litter.

The lilac cat color is so exceptional that many of our pet parents are considering a lilac kitten for sale, above our British blue kittens.

Let’s also look at the difference between a FAWN vs. a LILAC British Shorthair. Fawn cats have a warmer tone to their coat, as their color is a dilute of the cinnamon color. Their noses and paw pads are light pink, whereas lilacs have lilac-colored noses and paw pads.

Our lilac colored cats cost slightly more than our blues, as they are rare in our cattery, and the demand is high.

We recently added another lilac breeding queen who will hopefully produce gorgeous lilac kittens for sale.

As you can see, our British Shorthair lilac kittens are exquisite!

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Lilac British Shorthair cat Cosmos. 7 months old, lying in a basket.

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Please reach out today and help us find your perfect pedigreed Lilac or Blue British Shorthair for sale. I am a proud Houston, British Shorthair cat breeder!