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7 Items That Will Make Your British Shorthair Cat Love You

These 7 essential items will make you and your British Shorthair cat happy. The British Shorthair cat is big and fluffy and needs larger supplies.

Let’s look at some key items to have on hand for the British Shorthair cat. This is one of the larger cat breeds; you must remember this when shopping for your cat or kitten. This article also recommends some items our British Shorthair cattery cannot function without.

Blue British Shorthair cat using thei litter box.


As a British Shorthair cat breeder, we cannot survive without our Litter Robots. We use model 4 and have five of these working around the clock. Many of our clients have also switched to the Litter Robot, as life can be too busy to scoop litter all the time!

According to Litter Robot, they also use much less litter and save you significant money annually. They have less smell, are easy to clean, and have a 3-year warranty (optional), which is highly recommended by our British Shorthair cattery.

The Litter Robot’s customer service is phenomenal, and it is also a good size for the British Shorthair cat.

Top-entry Litter Box

If you cannot afford the Litter Robot or prefer something more straightforward, a top-entry litter box is necessary. Please make sure you get a good size so your British Shorthair cat can safely turn around inside the litter box. The British Shorthair cat likes to have plenty of space when it does its business!

These litter boxes help prevent litter tracking and also reduce smell. It is also useful when you have other pets around, as they won’t be able to access the litter as easily.

Lilac British Shorthair cat with litter mat.

There are hundreds of different litter mats on the market. We have narrowed it down to our all-time favorite for you. And believe us, we tried them all! This litter mat is just great for the British Shorthair cat; we use the large size.

This litter mat tracks litter the least, is machine washable, and is non-skid. The British Shorthair cat, like most cats, tend to kick and dig in their litter. They can make a huge mess and leave litter everywhere.

The CatGuru litter mat is also very durable and aesthetically pleasing.

British Shorthair cat tree recommended.

We are so thankful to the first person who invented the carpetless cat tree! No more frayed carpet that hosts nasty germs and bacteria. You will never look back once you invest in a good-quality carpetless cat tree for your British Shorthair cat.

They are modern and easy on the eye, easy to keep clean, and usually have washable and removable pads. Also, ensure the scratch posts are replaceable, as they don’t last very long. If you invest in a good cat tree, they should offer replacements. The British Shorthair cat loves to scratch their scratching poles.

Most British Shorthair cats enjoy a cozy cat bed or nest, so you want to consider that when deciding on a cat tree.

Blue British Shorthair cat and pet feeder.

This item is not essential and will depend on what type of food your cat eats. At Blue Brits British Shorthair cattery, we offer Royal Canin wet and dry food, which our specialist vet recommends for the British Shorthair cat breed.

Having a dry food and water feeder helps tremendously. It saves time for busy pet parents and ensures that your British Shorthair cat always has food and water available.

Keep these clean and easily accessible. Our lilac and blue British Shorthair cats prefer pet feeders with stainless steel bowls, as they keep food and water fresher for longer.

Cat and brush recommended for British Shorthair cat

The British Shorthair cat does not shed much, but regular brushing will minimize shedding even more. British Shorthair cat grooming should start when the kitten is still young. Brushing your kitten will desensitize them to grooming, and they will grow up loving a good brush.

De-shedding tools that damage the undercoat are not recommended for the British Shorthair cat, such as the FURminator. To keep their coat soft and plush, a good brush with long bristles and a steel comb are all you need.

Use the brush to brush out their fur all over, in the direction of the growth. The comb can be used to take out mats very carefully. Try not to pull on the skin, and use small, gentle movements to loosen the mat slowly. British Shorthair cat grooming can be an enjoyable bonding experience!

A professional show-cat groomer recommends the BeCheezy brush and Chris Christensen comb for the British Shorthair cat breed.

Some British Shorthair cat grooming – Our blue British Shorthair kitten Hailey, grooming herself
cat toys recommended for British Shorthair cat

The British Shorthair cat is a low-maintenance breed that tends to be lazy. Therefore, it is a good idea to ensure it gets plenty of playtime and exercise.

Traditionally, the British Shorthair cat was a hunter, which is still intuitive for the breed. They enjoy catching and hunting their favorite toy, which is a great way to get some exercise.

Rechargeable interactive toys are a great choice for cats. Some favorites our British Shorthair cats enjoy are ball toys, prey toys, cat wands, and interactive moving prey toys.

British shorthair cat getting vaccination.

Nobody wants to think of what can happen to their lovely British Shorthair cat, but accidents and health issues to occur. No one is ever prepared for this, so pet insurance is essential and can save you from bankruptcy. Although the British Shorthair cat tends to have great health overall, you can never be too prepared.

Blue Brits British Shorthair Cattery offers every new owner of our kittens 30 days of free pet insurance with Trupanion, a well-known company in the British Shorthair cat breeder community.

Another pet insurance option is Lemonade. This newer company offers excellent care for your cat at reasonable prices. Lemonade offers customized insurance options to make it affordable and provide protection in an emergency.

Ideally, you should make sure you have pet insurance in place before deciding on a British Shorthair cat to buy.

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