British Blue cat characteristics. Blue British Shorthair kittens for sale, three looking sweet.

British Blue Cat Characteristics – The Complete Know It All

No other cat breed compares to the British Shorthair. Let’s explore these British Blue Cat characteristics and see if it is the breed for you!

Are you looking for a feline companion who has both beauty and brains? Look no further than The British Blue! The British Shorthair cat is both smart AND gorgeous. I honestly can’t think of another cat breed that can compete with the British Shorthair. From their dense and plush coat to their gorgeous round, copper eyes, they are by far the prettiest cats. Their independence, loyalty, and affectionate nature also win most people over. Therefore, let us explore these British Blue Cat characteristics and see if it is the cat breed for you!

The British Shorthair cat has a striking appearance, making it instantly recognizable. Its face is much rounder and broader than other breeds, and its eyes are large, round, and a saturated copper color. The breed is chunky and muscular, with a very dense and plush coat. You can write your name on their fur if they have the proper British shorthair plush coat. British Shorthair coats are traditionally blue-grey and are well-known for this color. Therefore, you might think you’re seeing a chubby British Shorthair when it is mainly their unique and fluffy fur!

This breed is generally healthy overall and can live a long and happy life. It is always essential to ensure that you buy your British Blue kitten from a reputable breeder who does the necessary health testing on their breeding cats. In addition, ensure they prioritize their cats’ health and happiness at all times. These factors will increase your cat’s chances of having a long lifespan.

The British Shorthair cat generally has a lifespan of 12 to 20 years and tends to be healthy overall. The British Blue cat’s life expectancy is generally high as the breed has few genetic or common medical issues.

The British cat is not hypoallergenic, although it doesn’t shed much. That means they shed less dander and fur, but it will still be there. Personally, I’ve had more than one pet parent with severe cat allergies that don’t react at all to British Shorthair cats. One of them even adopted two siblings, and she has no allergies! So, do British Blue cats cause allergies? It depends on each individual person.

Spending time with a British Blue before investing in a new kitten is a good idea if you suffer from allergies. Another idea is to ask the British Blue breeder to mail some fur from their cattery to see if you have any reaction. This will eliminate possible heartache down the road.

British Blue Cat characteristics. Blue British Shorthair cat lying flat on the ground.

British cats may be prone to health issues like any other breed. However, regular health checkups and good cat care prevent most health issues. Additionally, adopting your British Blue kitten from a reputable breeder will increase your cat’s chances of living a long and healthy life. Here are some health issues commonly seen in the British Blue breed:

HCM is a heart condition characterized by the thickening of the heart muscles, which can lead to heart failure. The British Blue cat breed is known to be predisposed to this condition. A reputable British Blue cat breeder will ensure their breeding cats don’t have HCM and breed away from those lines. Regular heart screenings and monitoring their heart health can help detect any early signs of HCM.

PKD is an inherited condition in which cysts form in the kidneys, leading to kidney dysfunction. The British breed has a higher incidence of PKD than other breeds. Regular kidney screenings and genetic testing can help identify at-risk cats and take appropriate measures. A reputable British Blue cat breeder will do genetic testing on all their breeding cats to ensure they don’t have this gene. It is recommended that you ask for genetic testing when you research a British Shorthair breeder.

British Blues tend to gain weight if overfed or not provided with enough exercise. The British Blue breed enjoys being lazy and is very laid-back, so you must encourage them to participate in active play. Obesity can lead to various health issues, including joint problems, diabetes, and heart disease. Monitor their weight and provide a balanced diet and regular exercise to prevent obesity.

British Shorthairs have a powerful hunting instinct and love to use it in play. Games that involve catching prey and finding a ball toy are usually irresistible to them! At Blue Brits Cattery, our cats love wand toys with feathers or birds attached. You can use this to your advantage to make sure they get plenty of exercise.

Due to their short, broad faces, the British Blue breed may be more prone to dental issues such as gingivitis and tooth decay. Regular dental care, including brushing teeth and providing dental treats or toys, can help maintain oral health. Ensure your cat’s gums are checked for redness, as this might be a sign of gingivitis or simply teething.

Yes, absolutely! The British Blue breed has one of the densest, plushest coats of all cat breeds. You have to feel it to experience it for yourself. They have an extremely dense undercoat, with the fur so thick that it stands away from the body, giving them a teddy bear-like appearance. Who wants a British Shorthair cuddle? ME!!

The best thing about the Brit’s coat is that even though it is so plush and thick, it doesn’t shed much. Regular brushing minimizes shedding even further.

British blue cat characteristics. Two blue British Shorthair kittens for sale, looking cute

According to this article, Nicolas is apparently the biggest British Shorthair cat. He weighs an astounding 19 pounds and is a very popular and handsome fellow on Instagram.

Most British Blues weigh between 8 and 20 pounds, with females being slightly smaller on average. The average weight of a female is typically between 8 and 15 pounds, and for males, between 12 and 20 pounds. Our Blue Brits queen, Flower, is a bigger cat. She weighs around 13-14 pounds and is a real teddy bear.

british shorthair blue cat female flower lying on floor
Our British Blue cat – Flower
British Blue Cat Characteristics. Blue British Shorthair cat for sale, playing on the floor.

While most British Blue cats will tolerate some affection, others adore it. In general, the British Shorthair cat is not overly affectionate or clingy. However, this depends on each cat’s personality and how well it was socialized when young.

At Blue Brits Cattery, we focus on socializing our British Shorthair kittens from the newborn stage. We use special bonding techniques and desensitize our kittens to touch, which can greatly affect how affectionate an adult British Blue cat will be. Most of our kittens are very affectionate; some even sleep on their owners’ pillows or laps.

We have a very high rate of previous pet parents buying another kitten from Blue Brits Cattery precisely because of this!

Traditionally, the British Shorthair cat will tolerate cuddles but not overly enjoy them. While they have great patience for receiving affection, they may not tolerate being squeezed or picked up much.

At our cattery, our British Blue cats are more cuddly than most British Shorthairs. We implement unique socialization and bonding techniques from birth and are very focused on offering affectionate and well-socialized British Blue Kittens for sale.

Very few British Shorthair cats are lap cats. While they might enjoy or tolerate much affection, they will rarely lie on your lap. This is probably because of their dense and thick coat, making them prone to overheating. The British Shorthair cat seems to enjoy some personal space, although they love being close to their owners.

Some exceptions exist, and some of our Blue Brits kittens sometimes enjoy sleeping on their owner’s lap. However, most British cats are relatively independent and like to pick their preferred sleeping spots. It is usually somewhere completely different from what you have in mind!

The British Shorthair is known as an amiable breed. It is patient, adaptable, and friendly to most people and other pets. They make great family additions, as they are flexible and fit anywhere.

At Blue Brits, we receive plenty of praise for how well our kittens adjust to their new environments and bond with other household pets. They are great with children and babies, very patient and friendly.

Yes, they do, and they usually become best friends. The British Blue cat is very friendly, and they love companionship. It takes them only a short time to bond with their family or other pets.

I have seen many of our Blue Brits kittens initiating that bonding with an established pet, and before long, they are inseparable.

British Shorthairs are smart and intelligent but not the most intelligent cat breed. Also, they learn well and are independent.

British cats certainly don’t lack intelligence, and they are relatively easy to train.

British blue cat characteristics. Two blue British Shorthair cats looking regal.

Let’s delve into a few questions to explore why the British Blue cat is so popular and well-liked.

British Blue cat characteristics. Blue British Shorthair cat for sale, lying on a chair, looking cute.

There may be too many reasons why the British Shorthair is the best cat breed! I might be biased, being a British Blue breeder, but if I can pick any breed, I will choose this one over all others. (Again)

  • Brits are very independant
  • They are low-maintenance and easy-going
  • British Shorthairs are big-boned and chunky yet have plush fur.
  • They are flexible and adaptable to any household
  • They are quiet and not too vocal
  • British Blue cats are not clingy or needy
  • Every British Shorthair has a unique and striking personality
  • They resemble the cutest teddy bears.

Appearance-wise, no other breed has such a broad, chubby face. You can’t help but automatically fall in love with their cute face and muscular body. British Shorthairs seem to ask to be hugged, looking like a real-life teddy bear. Also, being independent and robust pulls you towards them even further.

No other cat breed is as easygoing and lazy. British cats are extremely easy to care for; they are not as high maintenance as some other breeds. They are also one of the most loyal cat breeds and will stick to you no matter what.

  • They have large, round faces with large copper eyes
  • Their solid blue (grey) color is striking against their copper eyes
  • British cats are muscular and strong, with big features
  • Their ears are set wide apart, with rounded tips
  • Most of their features are large and round, with no sharp lines
  • They are lazy and sleep a lot
  • Their hunting instincts are very strong
  • British Blue‘s are quiet and not very vocal
  • They are very loyal and friendly
British Blue cat characteristics. Blue British Shorthair cat for sale, playing on its back.

It is very hard to point out any disadvantages of this stunning cat breed. It seems like they have the best of all worlds, with their striking looks and likable temperament.

The British Blue cat breed ticks so many boxes and fits in with most families and any type of household.

It is all up to personal preference, though. This might not be your breed if you prefer a very clingy cat. The same applies if you want a lap cat or a breed that likes to be held. A British Blue cat might also not be for you if you wish to have these qualities.

In conclusion, finding a cat breed that beats the British Shorthair breed will be hard. I hope this article helps you decide whether the British Blue is the cat for you!

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