Blue British Shorthair kitten male, 4 weeks old with cute face.
Male kitten – 4 weeks
  • The first two sets of immunizations
  • Spaying & Neutering before leaving us (no exceptions)
  • Microchipping
  • Pet contract with health warranty
  • Going home gift bag
  • One month of free pet insurance

Since we are a small home-based cattery, we like to keep our number of cats low. This allows us to give each cat the time and love it deserves!

Lilac British Shorthair kitten, 4 weeks old called Poppy.
Poppy 4 weeks
British Shorthair Kitten for sale - Blue male kitten lying on couch.
Male kitten – 4 weeks
Lilac British Shorthair kitten looking soft and cute. 4 weeks old.
Lilac male kitten – 4 weeks
Blue British Shorthair kitten for sale.Looking sweet and fluffy- 4 weeks old.
Female kitten – 4 weeks

Personal Pickup is the most desirable way to transition a kitten to their new parent.

We do not ship kittens and would encourage future pet parents to come and pick up the kitten personally. We are happy to meet you at George Bush Intercontinental Airport as well.

A flight nanny option is also available, which might add roughly $600-1000 to the cost.

Lilac female British Shorthair kittens for sale. Vanilla sitting on wall shelf.
Lilac female kitten – 6 weeks
Blue British Shorthair kitten blue playing with his feet.
Blue male kitten – 6 weeks
Lilac British Shorthair male kitten - 4 weeks old
Lilac male kitten – 4 weeks
Blue British Shorthair kitten female - 4 weeks old looking sweet.
Blue female – 4 weeks

Are you interested in adopting a retired breeding cat?

Occasionally, we have an adult British Shorthair cat available for adoption. Our breeding cats deserve a break at some point (usually around 3-5 years of age) and become available to join a loving family.

This is a great option for someone older or with a lower budget.

Don’t hesitate to contact us if you want to adopt a British Shorthair cat. Our breeding cats are treated respectfully and loved like family.

british shorthair blue cat female violet lying on blanket

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