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Our latest additions:

Litter H – Born May 2024

Our kittens are very popular, and we usually don’t have kittens available. We use a reservation list for future kitten parents committed to adopting a kitten from our cattery.

We require a non-refundable deposit of $500 to secure your spot on the list.

Kitten parents can then choose their kitten in order of deposits received.

Please get in touch with us to reserve your spot in choosing your perfect British Shorthair kitten for sale!

Blue British Shorthair kitten for sale, male, 4 weeks old.

Graham – 4 weeks (SOLD)

Lilac British Shorthair kittens for sale  from Houston, Texas called Google.

Google – 4 weeks (SOLD)

Blue British Shorthair kitten, Grace, looking very cute.

Grace – 4 weeks (SOLD)

  • Blue Kittens – $3000
  • Lilac Kittens – $3200
Blue British Shorthair female kitten available and looking cute.

Our previous litter – V

Blue British Shorthair kitten for sale called Velvet.
British Shorthair blue kitten for sale called Versace.
Lilac light brown British Shorthair kitten for sale called Vanilla.
Blue British Shorthair kitten for sale called Valentino, 4 weeks old.
  • Are all traditional blue or lilac British shorthairs with copper eyes.
  • They are raised underfoot by using various attachment and bonding therapy techniques.
  • They are exposed to children, noise, and a busy household, making them adaptable.
  • I will go home vaccinated and up to date.
  • Will go home spayed or neutered (no exceptions)
  • They are bred from champion bloodlines, are pedigreed, and registered with TICA.
  • They are ready to leave for their new homes around 14-16 weeks old.
  • Are raised on a high-quality diet for optimal health and nutrition.
  • Are litterbox trained and adapted to family life?

The British Shorthair cat is known for its distinctively stocky body and muscular appearance. It has a medium to large build, solid bodies, thick plush coats, and round and broad faces. Its faces are graced by large, big eyes that come in various colors. Gorgeous copper eyes are traditional to most British Shorthair cats.

The British shorthair cat breed’s plush, dense coat is distinctive and plays a big part in its popularity. The breed’s chubby cheeks and cuddly body appeal to many and add to its charm.

Whether you decide on a blue British Shorthair kitten or a lilac, you can not go wrong with our kittens! 

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View more photos of our lilac and blue British Shorthair Kittens

Blue British Shorthair male kitten looking cute and lying with his face on his paws.