Blog feature image. One of our Lilac cats, Poppy Vanilla, is a lilac British Shorthair cat for sale.

Why Are Lilac Cats So Popular? Meet Our Stunning Poppy

Lilac cats have become very sought after and our lilac British Shorthair kittens are incredibly popular. Meet Poppy Vanilla, our most famous lilac cat to date!

Poppy Vanilla has definitely been our cattery’s most famous lilac cat to date. We were stunned when two lilac kittens were born from our blue parents, Flower and Uli. Everyone wanted little Poppy, but we fell in love with her and decided to hold her back for our breeding program. Poppy was the first lilac cat to join our British Shorthair cattery. We had no idea our lilac cats would become so sought after.

The lilac cat color is exquisite and shows off the deep copper eyes of the British Shorthair cat.

Lilac cats: Poppy Vanilla, is a lilac British Shorthair cat for sale. Looking sweet, 1 year old.
Our lilac cat, Poppy – 6 months old

Poppy Vanilla was born in April 2023, when mom Flower had a litter of seven beautiful blue and lilac British Shorthair kittens. With seven being a very large litter, Poppy was the runt of the litter, weighing a tiny 73g at birth. However, people started talking about her unique lilac cat color from day 1. She was a very light-shaded lilac cat, one of only two lilac kittens from this litter.

Our cattery kept receiving inquiries for Poppy, and surprisingly, everyone wanted this tiny lilac shorthair kitten.

Since we had Poppy, our cattery has had at least one lilac kitten from every litter of Flower or Violet. This lilac cat color is increasing in popularity and is also quite rare in our cattery; therefore, the cost of our lilac British Shorthair kittens is slightly higher.

Lilac cat, Poppy Vanilla, is a lilac British Shorthair cat for sale. Here she is a kitten, 4 weeks old.
Poppy Vanilla – 4 weeks old

Poppy not only had the looks but also a fantastic personality. She was sweet, playful, and affectionate—everything we wanted in a breeding lilac cat. We couldn’t wait to see the beautiful lilac shorthair kittens Poppy would produce!

But Poppy the lilac cat had other plans! We paired Poppy with a few studs from our trusted British Shorthair mentor, but she would not get pregnant. She seemed to enjoy staying with the boys and cuddling, though.

When a breeding female stays in heat and struggles to get pregnant, they lose condition and weight. They are not happy as their hormones want them to reproduce, but it simply isn’t happening. We, therefore, had to decide to spay Poppy and instead find her a forever home where she would get all the love and attention she deserves.

This decision was not easy, given her stunning appearance and incredible skills with kittens from the other moms. But it was what was best for her—to be happy and adored.

Lilac cat, Poppy Vanilla, is a lilac British Shorthair cat for sale. Here she is held by the breeder.
Poppy with me, owner of Blue Brits British Shorthair Cattery

No sooner did we decide to offer Poppy up for adoption than we got swamped with inquiries and applications. Our cattery almost never has adult lilac cats for sale, and Poppy has grown very popular with our fans over time. We share a lot about our cats on social media so people get to know our breeding blue and lilac cats and grow attached to them.

We were delighted to receive an application for our lilac cat, Poppy, from a previous kitten parent. Google was personally delivered (now Jupiter) to his new home outside San Antonio, and we met his wonderful new pet parents then. They have been spoiling him rotten and taking great care of him, so we were assured that they would provide a wonderful new home for Poppy as well.

Poppy’s new guardians were approved, and they were beyond excited, sending me a video clip of their updated cat wall:

Poppy & Jupiter’s cat wall

The Lilac cat color is extremely rare from a genetic standpoint, even in purebred pedigreed cats. Lilac is a dilute or lighter version of the chocolate color, which is also rare in the British Shorthair cat breed. This usually creates a higher demand than supply, and the rarity of lilac cats only adds to their wonder.

At Blue Brits Cattery, we have seen a steady rise in demand for our lilac cats, and this almost dusty, light taupe color is becoming increasingly popular with the British Shorthair cat breed. If you’ve met a lilac British Shorthair cat in person, you will understand why!

Lilac cat, Poppy Vanilla, is a lilac British Shorthair cat for sale. Looking cute
Poppy Vanilla, ten months old

The lilac British Shorthair cat has a very dense, plush coat with a pinkish undercoat. Their noses and paw pads are lilac-colored. Lilac cats come in different shades of lilac, with Poppy being a very light shade of the lilac cat color. This may be one of the reasons she became so popular.

There is no difference between the characteristics of a blue or a lilac British Shorthair kitten for sale; only their coat color differs. Lilac cats are not a specific cat breed; it is only a color variation of certain breeds.

A solid-colored lilac cat should be an even shade of lilac all over, with no presence of other colors or patterns. Lilac British Shorthair cats all have the traditional copper eye color.

Lilac Shorthair kittens are not as readily available as the traditional blue British Shorthair kittens for sale. The lilac cat color is rare. Therefore, research needs to be done to find a breeder with good ethics and breeding practices.

You might want to read our article, Simple Guide: Find The Best British Shorthair Cat Breeder, for valuable insight and tips on finding a reputable lilac cat breeder. It is a good idea to start with TICA (The International Cat Association) online breeder listings and start your research from there.

Ensure that you ask many questions, see both parents, view genetic testing and also view plenty of photos and video clips of the kitten. If you feel frustrated with the navigation or lack of information on a breeder’s website, it might be time to move on.

The cost of Lilac Shorthair kittens can vary significantly from British Shorthair cat breeder to breeder. Reputable breeders put much time and effort into their breeding practices to ensure their kittens are healthy and well-socialized.

It is wise not to focus only on the price tag but to recognize what you get for your money in each situation. Ethical British Shorthair cat breeders usually spend a lot of money on importing the best lineages, genetically testing their breeding cats, and offering extra services such as spaying and neutering their kittens before they leave.

Doing your research on each British Shorthair cattery is very valuable in the long run. Finding your Lilac Shorthair kitten should be an enjoyable and memorable experience. We hope that you find your lilac cat companion that you can treasure and love forever!

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